Stationary Test Benches
for Residential & Bulk Water Meters

As each client has different and specific needs, we design and construct test benches to fit your needs, based on our largely proven experience throughout the years.

A Water Meter Test Bench is an equipment that can be built from a simple and completely manually operated machine, to the highest levels of high tech, designed with automatic controls, and IT support. We can design and make them all.

Each project is discussed with the client and tailor- made to fit both the technical needs and budget constraints.

Principal Characteristics of Our Equipments

  • VOLUMETRIC REFERENCE: We offer three options: Calibrated Tanks (Volumetric Method), Reference Flowmeter (Comparative Method) or Weighing Scales (Gravimetric Method). In this latter option we utilize high precision and performance digital scales.

  • WORK BENCH: For multiple number of residential or bulk meters designed and tailored made according to the client’s needs. Meters are pressed either mechanically or with a pneumatic cylinder.

  • ADAPTORS AND SEPARATORS: Test Benches are equipped with special adaptors to fit the different diameters of the meters.

  • OPTIONAL ACCESORIES: Vertical testing, magnetic influence, and head-loss testing.

  • VALVE OPERATION: Manual or automatic, using PLC control for automatic starting, stopping, and tanks drain.

  • TESTING FLOW MEASUREMENT: We offer options for testing flow measurement; from simple and economic rotameters, to electromagnetic and/or ultrasonic flowmeters of high precision and durability.

  • LOW FLOW MEASUREMENT We offer the option of making precise and efficient low flow measurements, starting at 2 liters/hour (0.01 GPM), using especially high performance electronic flow meters.

  • PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT: We can offer either analogic instruments (direct reading), or digital sensors integrated to the PLC control system.

  • CONTROL PANEL: The control panel can be either manual or automatic, using touch screen HMI with graphic of process and automatic monitoring of variables.

Meet the New Model Q3

Compact Water-Meter Test Bench

The Model Q3 Water-Meter Test Bench from IBPCal is an equipment designed to perform verification and accuracy testing of up to 3 simultaneous DN15 (1/2”) water meters.

Model Q3



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