Model Q3 Test Bench

Compact Water-Meter Test Bench for N1,5 m3/h, size DN15 (1/2”) water meters

The Model Q3 Water-Meter Test Bench from IBPCal is an equipment designed to perform verification and accuracy testing of up to 3 simultaneous DN15 (1/2”) water meters.

Conceived as a compact, low-cost Test Bench, it is ideal for the equipment of water-meter Test Labs or Meter Shops in small and medium size Municipal Water Companies, allowing them to verify and accuracy test water-meters in a precise and reliable fashion with minimum investment in space and infrastructure.

In order to operate, the Model Q3 requires only to be connected to an elevated water tank. The tank height provides enough head pressure to run the low-flow testing. For high-flow testing, the Model Q3 comes with a built-in pressurizing pump which starts automatically by the means of an integrated flow sensor. Once the high-flow test ends the pump stops, also automatically.

Built with quality and durability components, the Model Q3 gives you a reliable and precise tool to immediately equip your small water-meter shop.


  • Testing Capacity: up to 3 water-meters size DN15 (1/2”), Q3 = 1,5 m3/h.

  • Clamping System: mechanical lever, manually operated.

  • Flowrate Range: 6.0 liters/hour to 3,000 liters/hour.

  • Volumetric Reference Tanks capacity: 10.0 liters and 100.0 liters.

  • Calibrated Verification Scale Interval: 10 milliliters y 20 milliliters respectively.

  • Testing branches: low: 6.0 to 60 lph | medium: 60 to 450 lph | high: 240 to 3,800 lph

  • Flowrate regulation valves: Needle type, manually operated.

  • Test Start-Stop valves: full port ball valves, manually operated.

  • Calibrated Tanks Drain Valves: full port ball valves, manually operated.


The Model Q3 requires minimum physical space for its installation. See attached dimensional drawing. It should be connected to an elevated tank -approximately 5 mts. (17 feet)- above the bench level. The piping should be 1”in size, dedicated exclusively to the Model Q3 operation.

It is necessary to count with an electrical power supply 115 VAC, 15 Amp. for the built-in pump. The test water collecting vessel has a 1-1/2” NPT drain pipe, which should be connected to a 2” sewage drain if the water is to be wasted (justifiable if the volume of operations is small). Otherwise, the 1-1/2” drain pipe should be plugged, and a small submersible pump (not included) should be placed in the vessel to recirculate the testing water back to the elevated tank.

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