Inteli-LAB is a computer app for water meter testing control & management.


  • Clear and Professional Reports: it generates a graphic report in MS Excel format, containing all relevant meter testing data.
  • Testing Log: It generates a DATABASE that allows to look back for tests according to a desired criteria such as date of test, tester, brand name, model, etc.
  • Meter Brand Names customization: the app elaborates a “catalogue” of brands and models frequently tested.
  • Better Organization and Order of Meter Testing Operations: Inteli-LAB can automatically choose test parameters according to ISO or AWWA Meter Standards. By instance, you select the values of Q3 and Dynamic Ratio R of your water meters, and the app automatically gives you testing parameters.
  • Automatic Calculation of Measuring Error: The app automatically calculates the measuring error for each meter tested using its own readings together with the real volume of the Volumetric Reference Tank.
  • Simultaneous calculations: Inteli-LAB generates data for all the tested meters, simultaneously, from 1 to12 meters.
  • Easy to Use: Inteli-LAB features a user friendly, intuitive graphic interface which immediately shows whether the meters will “pass” or not the tests.

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